Cimatron Version 14 is Out!


With over 200 new features and enhancements, Cimatron 14 offers major benefits to any user across all functions from mold and die design to electrodes and NC programming.

The software update is available for download only (no media):


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The files are compressed in .rar format.  Unpack them to a folder and run the executable for the main navigation screen to appear.


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Body Integrity

The Body Integrity function in the Analysis menu is highly useful at the very beginning of a project – to scan the part and highlight potential problem areas.  While the function is not new, it received a significant makeover in version 14.  Now all five integrity checks run simultaneously, and a concise chart presents the results.  Different colors are used to highlight open, tolerant, and non-manifold edges on the part.  Areas of self-intersecting solid or narrow knife regions are also called out. 

History Tree

Cimatron now allows you to reorder features in the History Tree by dragging them up or down.   Using this method to reorder features changes the part timeline, so it can have major implications on the design and should be done carefully.  But it can also require less reliance on Insert Mode and save the time of deleting wrongly-ordered features.  To prevent failures or regeneration problems, reorder was created with certain rules already in place.  For example, the cursor will show a blocked sign if you are trying to move a feature ahead of its parent feature.  Moving a child feature like an extrude up the tree will also move the parent sketch.

Visible Stock Size

Rather than use the stock function for each part, most users will set the general preference for Recalculate Part Size and let Cimatron automatically measure part sizes at every save.  Version 14 actually saves two automatic stock sizes for each part, one in the part units and another in the alternate unit. 

In addition, checking the option for Visible Part Size – Manual allows you to manually type in a value for the Visible Stock Size attribute; this value will not be overwritten when the part is saved again.  This is very useful for standard parts or any time you want a specific size called out in the Bill of Materials.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Version 14 allows you to define keyboard shortcuts to the common feature guide commands such as Ok, Apply, and Cancel.  Hotkeys are defined while in the toolbar customization mode.  Locate or search for the command you want, and assign the key.  Also new is a graphical keyboard shortcut list, to easily see which keyboard shortcuts are already assigned.

Import Translator

Dragging a neutral format file from Windows into Cimatron will trigger the Import Translator for that type of file.  A new general preference found in Version 14 will now allow you to access the import parameter options when dragging the file into Cimatron.  Go to the Data Interface preference and check the box Open the DI dialog when importing by dragging files.