Saving Drawings In Linked Mode

Cimatron has long supported the ability to keep drawings separate from the design models by storing the 3D data within the drawing document. This capability did come with a price, as drawing size can be quite large and frequent drawing updates are required to keep the views in sync with the actual parts. To address these issues, the most significant addition to Drafting in E12 is a new option of saving drawings in Linked Mode. Rather than storing the 3D data, Linked Mode drawings only link to the original parts, and are therefore much smaller in size. This is especially helpful when many drawings are needed, for example when designing electrodes. A Linked Mode drawing never requires updating, although opening the drawing may take longer as some views must be rebuilt to reflect changes in the parts. The only potential problem that a Linked Mode drawing may present is when the links to the part files are not found. While this could mean that the views are now lost, a nice safety feature prevents this. When Cimatron recognizes a broken link, it leaves the last known image of the view in the drawing.

The previous method of Drafting is now called Self Contained Mode, and a general preference exists to select either method as the default. In addition, you can always switch between modes when saving the drawing.

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