Customizing NC Process Manager Columns

The NC Process Manager holds a large amount of information, but you can easily customize the display to show the items that are more important and useful to the task at hand. A right mouse click on the upper bar of the NC Process Manager window allows you to select which columns are displayed out of the twenty columns available, each offering a different piece of information about the NC procedures on the list.  For finishing procedures, valuable columns to add are Limit by Holder and Holder Prevent Areas Visibility.  Once the procedure is calculated, the Limit by Holder column will show the safe cutter length that the tool needs to extend out of the holder.  And if for some reason the holder was a limiting factor and the procedure could not reach some areas, there will be a lightbulb in the Holder Prevent Areas Visibility, highlighting the portion of the toolpath that cannot be safely machined unless the suggested tool length is used.

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