Layout Part

The Layout Part in the Cimatron parting assembly is used to provide centerpoints for locating each molded part.  It simplifies mold design because moving a layout point will shift the entire part and runoff associated with it.  Several default Layout Parts are supplied with Cimatron, and creating new ones is very easy. 

A Layout Part can only contain these two features:

  1. A dimensioned sketch of the layout points (the dimensions can be linked to the setup table for ease of access)
  2. A layout UCS on each point (note that a regular UCS will not work)

Adjustment of part position in X or Y is done by changing the sketch point dimensions.  Adjustment in Z or part rotation is accomplished by editing the layout UCS (each layout UCS can be adjusted separately when selected).

Categories: Design, Mold
Tag: Cimatron 13

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