Exclude Objects from Export

The Tools / Exclude Objects function is a way to mark parts, objects, or PMI entities that you want to be excluded when a file is exported to NC or drafting.  It provides an easy to way to keep standard geometry or catalog parts out of down-level documents.  The same function can be used to remove the exclude status from parts and entities. At the same time, it’s important to remember that the exclude status is only viewable while in the Exclude Object function.

Interactive Isometric View

Cimatron version 13 Drafting offers Interactive Isometric View creation.  This replaces the previous two isometric view options, providing unlimited control by allowing the user to dynamically rotate the part on the drafting sheet.  To ensure clarity, the view is shaded while in Interactive Mode, but the end result will be displayed according to the View Attribute settings.

Tools / Manufacturing Attributes

The Tools / Manufacturing Attributes function can be used to attach machining and tolerance information to holes.  It allows you to apply and customize several types of manufacturing processes as well as diameter and depth tolerances.  These attributes are then passed to Autodrill procedures to help define the drill sequence.  They are also shown in drafting – both in the table of holes as well as in radial dimensions.  Hole attribute information is also shown in the information bar at the bottom of the screen when the mouse is browsing over the holes.

Shaded View

A new type of drafting view attribute available in version 13 is Shaded View.  Shading can be applied to any part or assembly part, and can be adjusted with color and transparency controls.  The shaded attribute works in tandem with other attributes such as hidden lines.

The control for wireframe display in each view has also been moved to the View Attribute screen in version 13.

Simplified Link Management

Link management in Cimatron 13 has been simplified and enhanced with new terminology.  A missing file link, such as you might have in assembly, drafting, or NC, will show as Disconnected.  You may either reconnect the link or leave it disconnected, but there is no other status that can be displayed for a file link.


A missing internal link, such as a catalog table or imported part in a part, is not as important of an issue, as it does not adversely affect the part.  Therefore, additional options of Ignore or Break are offered here.  Both options disregard the missing link, but Ignore will automatically reconnect it should the missing file re-appear, while Break will disregard the missing link permanently.

Creation of Section Views

may 15 14 tooling tip image3A new option in Drafting allows for the creation of Section Views that are limited to the actual size of the section line. To use this option, check the box for Partial Section in the Section View creation dialog. This option is ideal when only a small detail in section view is needed. The section view stays associated to the section line – if the section line gets adjusted longer the section view will extend as well.

Show Wireframe in View

January 2014 tooling tip3An important enhancement for drafting in Version 11 provides control over the display of the wireframe entities in the model within each view.  While you may still set your preference for showing or hiding of the wireframe entities for the entire drawing, you will also find a new checkbox in the View Creation dialog that allows you to show or hide the wireframe data for that specific view.