Cimatron Version 14 is Out!


With over 200 new features and enhancements, Cimatron 14 offers major benefits to any user across all functions from mold and die design to electrodes and NC programming.

The software update is available for download only (no media):


Go here for the software install, license server, and other utilities.

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The files are compressed in .rar format.  Unpack them to a folder and run the executable for the main navigation screen to appear.


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Entities/Components Visibility

March 2014 toolingtips1When working in assemblies, the ability to quickly hide or show parts is essential. In Version 11, Cimatron added a new feature that provides greater control over what is shown on screen.  The toolbar icon is called Entities/Components Visibility.  When this option is selected, you can hide or show individual entities of any part, even though the assembly is the active document.  Turning the option off returns the hide or show selection to apply only to entire components in the assembly.

Remove Islands

February 2014 ToolingTip2A nice addition to the Faces/ Modify/Boundary function in E11 is the Remove Islands option on screen.  This allows you to fully un-trim a surface, the outer boundary and all the inner loops, all in one feature.  You may still un-trim only the islands by using the Remove Islands option under the Boundary function.  Often these are the ideal shutoff surfaces for internal part features.

Using Profile or Pocket to Mill Vertical Walls

February 2014 ToolingTip3Using Profile or Pocket to mill vertical walls got significantly easier in version 11 by allowing the user to select the wall faces rather than just the curves.  Each wall automatically provides not only the contour to machine, but also the Z top and Z bottom
values.  Multi-selection and selection by criteria are both allowed, meaning that many different Z top and Z bottom values can co-exist. There are also delta
values that can be added to the Z top or Z bottom for machining beyond the face

Activate Parent Assembly

A new addition to the assembly right-click menu is called Activate Parent Assembly. It can be used at any point to move the tree activation status up one assembly level. However, the real strength of this option is when selecting parts from the screen. No matter what is currently active, all you need to do is pick a face from any component, then choose the ActJanuary 2014 Tooling Tip2ivate Parent Assembly option to begin working at that same sub-assembly level. Using this option, you will be able to add components into the correct sub-assembly much faster and more reliably than with previous methods.

It should also be noted that while the right-click option for activating the top level assembly was removed, the option still exists and can be assigned to a hotkey using the Customize/Keyboard function.